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Tentang Pusat Teknologi Material

About The materials technology center

BPPT is one of the leading government research institutes in Indonesia, whereas our Materials Technology Center (PTM) is one of the working unit under BPPT that specialized in Research (R), Development (D), Engineering (E) and Organization (O) in the fields of materials technology. Our main efforts on advanced materials for strategic planning on the year of 2015-2019 are focusing on bio-compatible materials, materials for energy, composite materials and nanomaterial development and application.

Bio-compatible materials technology on metal alloy, produced by using casting method, was used for creating bone implant for human. For this technology we have been using stainless steel (SUS 316L) and titanium as the base of raw materials. Furthermore we also did the development and production of Hydroxyapatite (HA), polymethyl metacrylate (PMMA) for bone cement applications based on natural resources. Health is the most important topic on the national project, and the low cost of bone implant would make a significant effect on the cost efficiency of national demand for more than 80%.

The material for energy topic was started from development of rare-earth metal (REE), silicon and materials for battery. The research and development of materials for energy is focused on energy storage materials i.e. proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC), photovoltaic (PV), NiMH battery, lithium ion battery (Li-ion), redox flow polymer battery and metal-air battery. Energy storage technologies are not yet established in Indonesia and still not mature enough at the global economies. Nevertheless, we are committed for creating energy storage materials with high capacity using local raw materials.

Development and applications of composite and nanomaterial technology at our center is focused on light weight material and natural rubber composite. Rubber reverse engineering is a project covering not only the development of rubber composite formula used for tire but also a pilot project to create emerging rubber industry such as the one in South Sumatra. This pilot project is one of the application technology that we did to express our dedication to the people as well as our commitment to promote 'local innovation system' (SIDA) with the collaboration of central government, local government, academics and industries. The wide area of natural rubber plantation in Indonesia generally produce higher amount but with rather low quality of natural rubber; and our intention is to make local industries to have a competitiveness quality in rubber compound, tire and others products using natural/synthetic/combined rubber material. The Indonesian information system for rubber is available on National Information System of Natural Rubber (SIKANAS).

Last but not least, the establishment of innovation is impossible without research and development, which is why our laboratory is equipped with analysis tools suitable for chemical, physics and electrochemical analysis and is available for service.

“The Key to Your Product” is our slogan on innovation and technology service. We endeavor to master the advanced material technologies and hoping that it would pave the way for sustainable environment. All management systems within our laboratory are committed to public service and make technology solution for the independence and competitiveness of national economic.

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